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Women Who Run with the Wolves

By Clarissa Pinkola Estes


This might seem the furthest from yoga or persistent pain management, but, as I am repeatedly reminded by my own experience, all aspects of healing seem to fit under the umbrella of yoga...and healing on any level is a doorway in to healing pain. I know this truth personally. And so, this book makes the list of resources.

This is most definitely a female focused book, but it speaks to the human experience with such eloquence, such beautiful metaphor, and such wisdom, that I do believe it could also speak to male readers. In a similar thread to "Untamed", this book speaks to the wildness of being. Through story telling, it encourages a return to the Self. And this is exactly the heart of yoga.

I look the format of this book. She presents a short story, often its history or origin, and then offers commentary on the teaching the story offers. It is such a poetic way to learn, and leaves so much room for application to the many varied experiences our life circumstances may provide.

I have happily allowed myself years to read this book. It is so easy to pick up, put down, and then come back to whenever you want. Each time, I find myself thinking, "this is my favorite story!", and then the next comes ;-) Each story always teaches me something. And I am continually offered a soft nudge to remember my truth, my wildness, my Self.

If you're inclined to check it out, follow your gut, and grab this book! It can be found here on Amazon.

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