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Filling Out a Medical Form

Medical Evaluation

Your health is important. And although we know physical health is really never just about your physical body, sometimes that's exactly where we need to start so you can feel confident you are on the right track with healing persistent symptoms. If you're unsure if medical evaluation would be helpful for you, book an  introductory session with me to learn more.

Health Perceptions

The biopsychosocial paradigm for health is well understood (and exceedingly well supported by loads of data!), but, disappointingly, is rarely addressed in the medical setting. Encounters with clinicians tend to reinforce a primarily biological approach to wellness.  This is a huge disservice when you are experiencing chronic pain and other persistent symptoms, because we know, without a doubt, that the longer symptoms are present, the more and more these other variables contribute to their persistence. 

Why Get Biomedical Input?

You live in a body, and it's important to know that it's healthy. That's where biomedical approaches excel. But, you also need to feel supported in knowing that physical symptoms can be related to more than just your anatomy.  That's where I come in. My experience as a clinician allows me to integrate biomedical evaluation with the principles of mind body medicine, so I can speak confidently about both your physical body and your body mind connection. Because, simply put, to change persistent symptoms, you need both. 

How to Schedule

I currently offer integrated medical evaluations through two practices, Cormendi Health and Animas Orthopedic Associates. Click below to get started.

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Animas Orthopedic Associates

If you're in the Durango area, I'd be happy to see you in person at my practice with Animas Orthopedic Associates. Please ask for me directly. This site accepts insurance, and also offers full service orthopedics, including easy access to imaging. 


Cormendi Health

With Cormendi Health, I provide intake assessments to patients no matter their location through telehealth. This practice has the support of additional practitioners, including physical therapy and psychotherapy, offering the capacity for a team approach to healing.

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