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Exclusive Services

Your healing path is yours alone.  Listed here are the ways I might be able to support you in finding your own path to healing. 

One-on-One Coaching

I offer mind body coaching with an emphasis on somatic (body based) approaches. Coaching is a time to get individual questions answered, set goals, and explore individual concepts that are showing up in your healing journey.


Heart Rate Variability Coaching

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is a powerful biomarker of stress state.  I offer coaching using this measure as a form of biofeedback to help you make strides in healing through building resiliency and awareness using HRV feedback. 


Online Yoga Therapy with Pain Care Collective

It has been an honor to start this online studio with my yoga therapy colleagues.  If you are looking for class based yoga with a foundation in pain science as a path to changing pain, this is for you!


Medical Workup with Cormendi Health

Sometimes the first step is feeling confident that your body is healthy and well.  At Cormendi Health, I offer medical intakes for people experience chronic pain and other persistent symptoms, so we can make sure you are informed and in charge of your care.


Let's Work Together

One-on-one coaching offers the most individualized care.  If you're seeking input on your healing, let's find a time to connect.

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