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mind body medicine, heal pain, psychedelic assisted therapy, mindfulness

Mind Body Medicine

for Persistent Pain & other Chronic Symptoms

Pain & chronic symptoms
are a

created by the brain
to protect you.

—  Name, Title

We Are Built For Resiliency


The body mind has an organic wisdom for survival that serves us so well.  And, when we are facing persistent pain and other chronic symptoms, those survival responses can be at the root of what plagues us. Mind body medicine encourages turning towards those innate and wise responses with curiosity and compassion. This allows us to unwind patterns of threat response and restore choice and flexibility so that we can grow and expand into safety and wellness.


You can change pain.


You can heal.

Trauma resiliency, pain care, mind body medicine

My Approach

I trust in the expression of the nervous system through the body to show us where we are stuck, and, therefore, where we can explore expanding into something new. As we restore flexibility in our nervous system, we build resiliency, find pathways to move out of threat physiology, and health emerges. I am somatically trained in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and Somatic Experiencing and have a foundation in yoga as a Certified Yoga Therapist that informs my work as a Mind Body practitioner. To learn more about me, click below.

Get Started!



Read more about me, my training, my personal story with pain, and my passion for mind body medicine.



With a broad background that spans traditional western medicine, eastern philosophy, and modern trauma therapy, I offer multiple approaches to healing.



Set a strong foundation with regular practice.  This page offers free practices to strengthen your mind body connection and foster healing.



Peruse the resources I love on my resource page. You might find just what you're looking for that propels you forward. 

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