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Yoga & Fibromyalgia

Journal of Pain Research 2019


Research is an excellent tool to better understand the true benefit of a particular intervention. But, remember, it is also not perfect. And especially in the setting of yoga, the gold standard Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) study design is, unfortunately, not easily applicable. Research on mind body practices such as yoga require more creative study designs, and, for that reason, may often be contentious. With that in mind, understanding the current information that is available, I believe, is still critical for optimizing care,

This study, published in 2019, explores the effects of a daily yoga practice on symptoms relate to fibromyalgia. Findings were quite positive, showing that a yoga based practice can decrease pain, improve sleep and fatigue, and decrease catastrophizing. Longer practice was associated with greater benefits, with those subjects completing 25 minutes or more of practice showing greatest decreases in reported pain.

This study offers promising pilot data to suggest yoga can positively benefit patients experiencing symptoms related to fibromyalgia! If you have questions about how to establish a consistent home practice, please reach out!

If you'd like to read the entire study, find it here.

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