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Dr. Kristin Neff & The Magic of Self Compassion

In my exposure to different approaches to mind body medicine, I continually hear amazing feedback from patients about the power of self compassion. Especially when pain interferes with things we love, or we feel unable to engage in life the way we would like, our inner voices often turn darker. This voice can feel so natural it goes unnoticed, and also often feels so true to our experience that we cannot fathom thinking differently. Self compassion is a beautiful antidote for this challenging aspect of facing persistent pain.

In my personal work, I find it inspires a gentle softening that relieves the constriction of "stuckness" that pain often inspires. It might seem flowery to say, but it is truly a beautiful practice. And it can be so healing, on many levels.

If you're interested in exploring self compassion more deeply, Dr. Kristin Neff's website has TONS of resources. She also leads retreats and trainings.

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