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Explain Pain Supercharged

By Lorimer Moseley and David S. Butler


Wow, this book is a dosie! I wouldn't expect this to be a common starting place for most, but if you're looking to dive head first into the science, this is the book for you. Lorimer Moseley and David Butler are amazingly thorough (and somehow funny at the same time...?), covering what we know about pain with meticulous attention. It is such a pleasant read considering the subject matter, and also may inspire note taking and highlighting like you're back in school.

I especially like the founding principle they use as glue throughout the book, "Danger in Me" and "Safety in Me". It offers an overarching theme that helps make the heavy science more palatable.

Although this book suggests it may be a better fit for clinicians working in the field, it is by no means a book the average person couldn't also learn and grow from reading. If you are aching for the science, this is the book for you.

Please note, the price might induce a little sticker shock, but consider sharing with friends!

If you're curious to learn more, or you want to buy this book, it can be found on Amazon.

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