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Unlearn Your Pain

By Howard Schubiner MD


Howard Schubiner is a leading voice in mind body medicine. He is an internist at Providence Hospital in Michigan and a clinical professor at Michigan State. Like many doctors who practice mind body approaches to persistent pain, his work with patients stems from the work of Dr. John Sarno, who first coined mind body persistent pain as "Tension Myositis Syndrome". What I particularly like about Dr. Schubiner is his desire to care for his patients in acknowledging our humanity, and our capacity for healing.

His book is informative, approachable, and very practical. What sets it apart for me is that it offers a clearly laid out program that you can follow to explore mind body contributors to your experience of pain. Most of the inquiry that this book promotes is explored in the form of journaling which he leads you through step by step. He also creates space for journaling directly in the book so you can keep all of your exploration in one place.

To be honest, I have not completed this workbook in its entirety (it is loooong!), but I do know many patients who have, and have wonderful things to say about what they got out of it, including, often, a reduction in pain.

If you'd like to learn more about this book, consider purchasing it on amazon.

To learn more about Dr. Schubiner (he also offers trainings!), explore his website.

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