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By Glennon Doyle


So I know this isn't a yoga book, or a pain science book, but, regardless, I have no doubt this book could be an amazing part of any healing journey. It is INCREDIBLY empowering, authentic, and personally inspiring. Every time I put this book down, I walk back into my life with more vibrancy, and feel such a visceral sense of being in my power!

Untamed reminds me of a modern version of "Women Who Run with the Wolves" (if you haven't already read that book, please do!). In this book, Glennon Doyle shares her path to returning to herself, her wild self, and her deepest knowing. Inner knowing is the underlying thread of this entire book, and it is SOLID. It is a foundation that I believe can speak to anyone.

I can't help but resonate with her story; it captures so much of what I have been uncovering as I deepen my self exploration through the path of yoga. And with such power!

If you're looking for an empowering companion to this strange time, this is most definitely your book. Get to it. Get back to you, with fire, in your wild. Be YOU, fiercely. In the words of Glennon Doyle, "You are not crazy. You are a goddam cheetah."

If you'd like to read this inspiring book, you can find it on amazon here.

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